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The New Frontier Of CyberSec!

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Computer worms and spyware are the threats of yesterday. Today’s identity thieves, cyber espionage experts and hacker groups operate with complex networks that rely on machine learning and data mining neuron networks that can reconstruct your profile, track your activity and even locate your devices and access codes. They have all to gain.

To repel these sophisticated attacks, modern cybersecurity has to rely on the computational powers of multiple supercomputers as well as the best tech computer science and the field of artificial intelligence can provide. CyberTron’s developer team therefore decided to rely on just that. Will be released in 2019 Q2, our company’s newest security asset is Lyla.

Anatomy Of An Attack

Beautiful, functional and nearly
ready to launch

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Anti-Cyberbullying & Anti-Predator Protection

Protect your child from cyberbullying and don't let to become a prey. Our system will offer complete parental control features.

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P2P Telegram Exchange

If you don't want to wait until we listed on exchanges. You are always free to join to our Telegram p2p exchange. Link:
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Encrypted Protection

We use military-grade AES-256bit encryption for the communication between our networks. This type of asymetric-encryption is highly hacker proof.

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Credit Card Use

Lyla will monitor your online presence and aware you when your card details are in risk. With a built in pattern recognition she will easily recognize phishing sites.

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Secure Storage

We use the same industry-standard encryption for storing your high valuable data. From now you can easily and safely store your credentials with us.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet

Lyla will support and monitor all of the most famous cryptocurrency wallets, and helps you to keep them safe and secure. Say goodbye to stolen wallets.

Volume by Numbers

Cybercrime Facts In Digits

Estimated Cybercrime Damages by 2021

Infected IOT Machines Per Year

Most Infected Country Is China
Some facts

Initial Token Offering

Amount of tokens is the first 10 number of π:
3 141 592 653 CTRX

40% ICO

42% Will be frozen after crowdsale ends

10% Reserved for the team

8% Operation cost


Project Lyla Roadmap

March 2018
Idea Was Born Shortly After A Hackathon
June 2018
Market & Project Research

Market research focusing CyberSec. Validating the idea. Tron's blockchain is the best for the project.

August 2018
Minimum Viable Product and Token Creation

MVP is ready. Stepping into the deep learning phase. CyberTron [CTRX] token created.

October 2018 - We Achieved Our Goal Earlier
Tokens Pre-Sale Period Is Over

Tokens presale period in a discounted price is over

April 2019

Expected project launch. Tokens are available for trading on several exchanges.

May 2019
Full Service Integration

Integrate all parts of Lyla into one core

June 2019
Future Integrations and Upgrades

Future integrations and upgrades to make Lyla more and more powerful


How it works

Pre-ICO with a Bonus of 90% Off
Operation Cobra with Bonus Airdrop [Telegram]
Partial Release for Beta Testing
Token Crowdsale Airdrops Might Be Available. Price Goes Up To 1 CTRX / 10 TRX
Analyze the Results From Beta Test Preparing for the Future Project Launch
Complete Crowdsale

Pre-sale is ENDED!

59,523,761 Circulating Supply
Landing Ico #1
51,268,289.51 TRX RECEIVED

CyberTron Token

CyberTron Token
Tron Network
General release:

Pre-Sale Ended

General description

CyberTron will be released on the basis of Tron platform and fully comply with TRC20* standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration. Herewith, the use of CTRX token is not limited to just the platform ecosystem.


Functions of tokens

  • Subscribes and remunerations
  • Remuneration for a certain activity (Bug Hunting, Other Contributions);
  • Payment of developers’ remuneration;
  • Payment of the community managers;
  • Payment of the social media professionals;
  • Payment of remuneration to digital content copyright owners;
  • Payment of remuneration for partner programs.

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Evidently, cyberspace is the future of business. Initially, enterprises have for long been frozen up in trade wars caused by government legislation and regulatory requirements. Nevertheless, the current technology, such as online trading, offers the freedom and anonymity that fosters effective global trade. Unfortunately, such benefits come at a price.

Crucial facts and statistics from CyberTron Services indicate that: - More than 4,000 ransomware attacks occur every day - 1 in 131 emails contains a malware - Ransomware attacks increased by 36 percent in 2017 - The average amount demanded for ransomware attack is $1077 - 230,000 new malware samples are produced every day, and the prediction will keep growing - 6.5 percent of people fell victims of identity fraud in 2017 - Fraudsters swindled people $16 billion in 2017

CyberTron currently works in the cybersecurity sector, and is building an AI driven antivirus using Tron’s lightning fast blockchain backed by Justin Sun himself. Our project contains three big part, a password and data vault, a VPN, and a P2P antivirus. CyberTron will release the first part of Project Lyla within this month.

How can I Buy CyberTron? If you want to participate in the ITO and buy CyberTron, follow this link: The pre-sales price of 1 CTRX is equal to 1 TRX. CyberTrons expects that the value of 1 CTRX = 1 TRX will be a multiple of this once we launch LYLA Q2 2019. CyberTron can only be bought with Tron (TRX). On TronScan u will also find the information about the volume, the circulating supply and the token holders.

Tron is a coin that now has its own blockchain network that you can view on Tron scan. CyberTron uses this network as well. Note: This means that you can’t send your CyberTron to a Ethereum Wallet. Tron is an incredibly, beautiful project that focuses on decentralizing the internet. Tron focuses on a large target group for online games, movies and music and social networks.

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